Simply not cricket

How on earth did Adam manage to injure his finger so badly while gardening? Will Bob work out where to stick his plug? How many actors that Adam hasn't heard of will Bob name-drop this week?

To find out (spoiler – the answer to the last question is quite a lot) listen to the latest episode with Adam Croft and Robert Daws.

Adam tells us all about a survey in The Guardian looking into reading habits during lockdown (another spoiler – crime fiction fares well), Bob recommends a David Mark book and did Agatha Christie 'borrow' the idea for The Murder of Roger Ackroyd from a Norwegian author?

We also get to hear a little insight into how radio dramas use coconuts as sound effects, while Bob tries to figure out which factor sun cream he should put on for this week's sunbathing sessions.

~ Moriarty ~



Lockdown by Peter May

Cold Bones by David Mark

Trueman and Riley by Brian Thompson

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